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Established in 2013, following the publication of "Trillions," we are a hybrid innovation and marketing agency, driven by a vision to steer the world through the transformative potential of trillions of interconnected devices, sensors, and systems.

In 2017, our enterprise crowdfunding division was successfully acquired by Indiegogo, the renowned crowdfunding platform.


Today we are focussed on empowering our clients with world class innovation and marketing services.



Our inspiration is found at the nexus of information technology, advanced manufacturing, regenerative design, and decarbonization, with the central pillar being the dedicated Entrepreneurs steadfast in their commitment to enact positive change. Anticipation thrills us as we eagerly await the global impact these portfolio companies will have as they carve their unique imprints on the world.



Innovation & Marketing.




We love what we do.





Ayesha Curry Joins Board of Gardening Startup Back to the Roots

Bloomberg - August 17, 2022

Celebrity chef Ayesha Curry has joined the board of home-gardening startup Back to the Roots, a tie-up that could help the company reach more Gen Z customers. Learn More

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 7.39.10 PM.png

Every Prototype that Led to a Realistic Prosthetic Arm

Wired - November 10, 2021

Since the early 2000s, private companies, governments, and research labs have been developing prosthesis that are a lot more advanced than previous designs. WIRED talked with Easton LaChapelle, founder and CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow, to understand how he designed, tested, and adopted his prosthetic arm. Learn more


Back to the Roots: Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez

NPR - November 8, 2021

In 2009, Berkeley seniors Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez started to geek out over something they'd heard in a lecture: you can grow a healthy crop of mushrooms on used coffee grounds. Intrigued by the business potential, the pair set aside jobs in finance and consulting and became urban farmers: salvaging leaky bags of coffee grounds, planting mushroom spawn in an Oakland warehouse, and selling their crop to local grocers. Learn more


Disruption junction: Startup aims to replace locomotives with autonomous railcars

FreightWaves - November 4, 2021

Imagine shorter, more environmentally friendly trains bearing everything from lithium carloads to intermodal containers across short-haul distances. Imagine further that these trains are unencumbered by long waits for locomotives — because they don’t use locomotives. That is the vision that St.Louis-based rail technology startup Intramotev hopes to bring to fruition. Learn more


From Plant To Plate: Grow-Your-Own Kits Are Helping To Alleviate Food Insecurity

Forbes - February 16, 2021

In a bid to bring carbon-free power to heavy industry, Heliogen announced Wednesday that mining behemoth Rio Tinto plans to deploy the startup's breakthrough solar technology at California's largest open pit mine, located in Boron. Heliogen says this will be the first concentrated solar technology used to power a mine in the United States, and perhaps the world. Learn more


2021 Honoree: Easton LaChappelle, Founder of Unlimited Tomorrow

Forbes - 2021

Prosthetics can be expensive, which is why Unlimited Tomorrow is using 3D-printing and scanning to drive down costs. The direct-to-consumer company sells personalized robotic arms for $7,995. Founder and CEO LaChapelle has raised $6.2 million to scale up the company. 

Learn more


Indiegogo expands its Global Fast Track Program to Japan

TechCrunch - December 14, 2020

Indiegogo plans to help more Japanese entrepreneurs run successful crowdfunding campaigns through a new expansion of its Global Fast Track Program. Indiegogo first launched the program several years ago in China. The idea behind Global Fast Track is to provide an extra level of support to entrepreneurs in specific markets, guiding them through the process of creating campaigns for global consumers, particularly those in the U.S. and Europe. Learn more


Leader In Organic Gardening Back To The Roots Raises New Round Of Financing To Fuel Rapid Expansion Into The Seed Packet Category

PR Newswire - October 22, 2020

Back to the Roots, the nation's fastest growing organic gardening company, has closed a new round of financing to fuel the rapid growth of its line of 100% U.S. grown seeds. The capital will be used to scale up national distribution and marketing for the seed packet line, as well as support the continued growth of its small-space gardening kits. Learn more


Two Founders Go From Growing Mushrooms In College To Building Out A National Brand

Forbes - January 31, 2020

Back to the Roots—famous for their grow-your-own-kits— is going mainstream. This February, the Oakland-based company is launching kits in 2,300 Walmarts across the US. Learn more

5b6b555d2be4abc6518b4b3c (1).jpeg

A startup selling mushrooms kits to millennials just got $4 million to expand further into Costco and Target

Insider - August 10, 2018

Before Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora founded Back to the Roots nearly 10 years ago, they were growing mushrooms in a fraternity kitchen at University of California, Berkeley. Learn more


Jane Chen: Be Courageous Because You Will Fail

Stanford Graduate School of Business - July 31, '17

The CEO of Embrace Innovations explains the most important skill for a successful entrepreneur. One out of every 10 babies in the world is born premature. One million die each year, many due to lack of warmth. Jane Chen, who earned her MBA in 2008, wanted to change that. “No baby should die from being cold,” she says. Learn more

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 9.11.56 AM.png

Indiegogo Acquires an Agency to Expand Its Enterprise Business

 AdWeek - June 1, 2017

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced it has acquired its very own agency—Agency of Trillions—with the hope of expanding its enterprise crowdfunding division, which already counts Hasbro, GE and Whirpool as partners. Learn more


Man Who Survived a Terrorist Kidnapping, Cancer and The Bachelorette Becomes Successful Mushroom Entrepreneur

People - January 13, 2017

In 2009, Alejandro Velez had overcome a lot of obstacles to get where he was. The then senior at UC Berkeley had survived being kidnapped by terrorists while growing up in Medellín, Colombia, had beaten cancer and was just a few months away from beginning a lucrative career on Wall Street. Then an off-hand remark by a professor changed everything. Learn more


Why This Food Startup Says Hold the Technology

Inc. - January 28, 2016

With investors like Tony Robbins and Blake Mycoskie, this tiny startup is hoping to make a big change in the way Americans think about what they eat. Learn more

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 9.54.41 AM.png

Inside The Hack Rod, The World’s First AI-Designed Car

Fast Company - December 1, 2015

The brainchild of the Primordial Research Project, this car is based on billions of data points plugged into generative-design software. Learn more


Introducing, the Agency of Trillions

MAYA DESIGN: Notes from the FIeld - Jan. 8, 2014

You may have heard the news that MAYA Design has launched a brand new innovation firm, Agency of Trillions. My name is Deana Burke and I am Co-Founder and VP of Strategy at AoT. I can speak for all AoTers when I say we feel really blessed to be part of the MAYA family and really excited to continue the great work we are delivering for our clients. Learn more

Agency of Trillions.png

MAYA Design Launches Innovation Firm, Agency of Trillions

PR Newswire - January 8, 2014

MAYA Design, Inc., (MAYA Design) announced today the launch of Agency of Trillions (AoT)—an innovation agency that combines the disciplines of storytelling and design to help organizations navigate the coming era of pervasive computing. Learn more

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